Thursday, December 13, 2012

Marché Maubert - une couronne

Une couronne

If only I could reach through the photo to pluck this beautiful wreath ...

I do not think that US Customs would permit it to be carried home on a plane. 
 I got in trouble once for having an orange in my bag upon my return to the US.

For now, the photo will just have to suffice...

Marché Maubert
Place Maubert
75005, Paris


  1. Love the colors and the veggies on this wreath. What are the little greyish/brownish things? I thought at first acorns but now wonder - mushrooms?

  2. Marvellous Genie. I haven't seen wreaths like this over here

  3. Alas, you are right ... No way to bring that with you ...mbut, your photo is delightful!

  4. Oh, I would love to have a wreath like that one, Genie!! So colorful, beautiful and delicious looking! Hope you've had a great week and an even better weekend!


  5. I can't believe you got into trouble for carrying an orange in your bag! I remember carrying two Panettone's from Italy on the plane what seems like a lifetime ago and they never said a word about it! I guess things have really changed since then.

  6. It is pretty but it wouldn't last long at my place.

  7. Beautiful! Was it expensive? (I once came home from Italy with a Sicilian orange the size of a grapefruit, but the customs folks missed it.)

  8. Very pretty, Genie. It is quite different from the typical evergreen wreaths we have in the USA.

  9. Oh it's magnificent in the photo, and i'll bet it smells divine. A feast for the senses like so many things at Christmastime!

  10. Paulita, I do not know. They look a bit like acorns....

    Alexa, I think it was around 15€ - not much!

    Jack, I agree. It seems to have a very natural appearance, unlike so many that we have here.

    Kristie, you cannot bring fruits and vegetables into the US unless they are sealed. I wanted to bring in fois gras, and just reading the website for US Customs gave me a headache. It is just in the not worth it category. We can purchase most of the goods, but you just cannot bring them back in checked luggage or carry-ons.

    I have seen bay-leaf wreaths that would smell delightful and have the feathered appearance of the leaves on this wreath. I have given one as a gift, but never bought one for myself...


  11. How gorgeous! Not many people do Christmas wreaths here in Australia, they always look great.


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