Sunday, December 23, 2012

Église Saint-Louis en l'Île - la crèche

Je vous annonce une grande joie

Église Saint-Louis en l'Île

 This church with first construction in 1642 is an active parish with many events.  Although much of the church was dark, the nativity scene had been well-attended and flooded in light.

This is the same church where Peter, David and I saw the donkey on Palm Sunday in April.

bon dimanche
Église Saint-Louis en l'Île
Rue Saint-Louis en l'Île
Saint-Louis en l'Île
75004, Paris


  1. Just the kind of crèche I would expect in this little church—beautiful and simple. Bon dimanche, Genie!

  2. I bring you tidings of great joy!!! This photo brings me joy! Bon dimanche!

  3. Dear Genie,
    amazing foto !!!!!!!!!

    Joyeux Noël !


  4. Thanks for sharing your great photos of Paris. I wish you a Merry Xmas and the best for you in the New Year 2013. Hugs.


    Barcelona Daily Photo

  5. Merry Christmas and love from Sydney xx

  6. Hi Genie. I love the light in this shot. A true capture of the spirit of Christmas. Thank you for sharing it. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year. Cheers J.

  7. I think that I have been quite taken with the variety of nativity scenes in Paris from the very simple to the elaborate. Each church I visited has its own way of celebrating and the crèche is unique to that particular church.

    I loved the lights and the banner in this scene.

    Just one more day which I intend to spend enjoying my family and close friends. Wishing each of you a joyous holiday.


  8. This is one of my favorite smaller churches in Paris. How wonderful to see it at Christmas!


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