Friday, December 7, 2012

Dansant dans la rue

Dancing in the street
Rue Mouffetard

Every Sunday a small crowd gathers on Rue Mouffetard 
in front of Église Saint-Médard to sing and dance 
to the music of Christian Bassoul.  

It is easy to spot the regulars, 
whose easy steps and spins are evidence of the Sunday routine.  

All are welcome to participate 
so if you find yourself in Paris on a Sunday morning, 
find your way to this charming experience and.... 

Rue Mouffetard at Rue Censier
75005, Paris
Métro Censier-Daubenton

(joyeux anniversaire, Cherie)


Sylvia K said...

I love to dance and I can't think of a better place!! Delightful capture for the day, Genie!! I love it!


martinealison said...

Un délicieux moment sans aucun doute...
Jolie photo.

Gros bisous.

French Girl in Seattle said...

I like this shot, Genie. How close were you? Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

Joe said...

Great close up Genie. Dancing in the streets. Such a great idea. Good for the heart as well as the soul.

Andy said...

Genie, this is a terrific shot. Keep on clicking.

M said...

Love this photo --- such a chic dancer! Bon weekend!

brattcat said...

did you dance, too?

Alexa said...

That's what I want to know: Did you dance? Seems like the perfect way to spend a part of Sunday in Paris (preceded by mass with organ music at St. Etienne du Mont and followed by a good lunch)!

Starman said...

I left a comment yesterday on the rue Soufflot photo, but it seems to have disappeared. I wonder if this will make it through?

Jack said...

Don't you love all the little local rituals, like Sunday dancing at Rue Mouffetard?

TheChieftess said...

Nice shot!!!

Randy said...

At first sight I thought it was Ann Margaret.

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Veronique, I have a long lens but I was about 15 feet away.

Brattcat and Alexa, most definitely I danced... David and Peter filmed and clicked. Perhaps I will share one of those some day.

Starman, sometimes Blogger just does weird things. I did get you comment in my emails... thank you

Jack, most definitely, and I hope to discover more with each trip

Merci beaucoup to all,


Palomasea said...

This is a gorgeous shot, dear Genie...I love the intensity in her face!
I hope you are enjoying the season!
- Irina

JudyMac said...

When I arrived on rue Mouffetard around 1PM (in mid-October), they were still dancing. I think I even have a picture which shows the same guy that was dancing with Holly (in red coat) in the pic you posted last winter. Such fun street-fare!

Cheri said...

There is something so lovely about this shot!

Mary said...

What a romantic tradition! Only in Paris... :)

Virginia said...

As you well know, I haven't missed one single trip since June 2009!!!! Love this shot.