Sunday, December 30, 2012

Église St. Gervais et St. Protais - III

2012 Jan 17 3rd_0384 

Église Saint-Gervais Saint-Protais

Looking into the Lady Chapel (Chapelle de la Vierge) 
the diffused light from the stained glass windows will take your breath away.

bon dimanche

Église St. Gervais et St. Protais
13, rue des Barres
Place Saint Gervais
75004 Paris


  1. J'aime beaucoup cette église et ses sculptures. Son calme et sa sérénité.

  2. I guess I'm feeling more earth bound today: the wrought iron screen is what has captured my eye.

  3. Just like the person in the photo, I could sit and contemplate that exquisite beauty for hours. The diffuse light is ethereal! Bon dimanche et mille mercis!

  4. Gorgeous! The brightness of the light upon the stained glass is breathtaking! What a beautiful church! :)

  5. Wow. This image is breathtaking Genie. The light is amazing. Bravo.

  6. So much beauty in that one spot.

  7. Oh my this is beautiful Genie, what a wonderful quiet moment you have captured here.


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