Saturday, December 13, 2014

Robert Combas - Rue des Haudriettes

Robert Combas

A French artist born in Lyon in 1957, he has exhibited in France and New York City.
This painting was created in 2000 and is titled,   
La femme lumière de l’homme

From a statement on his website, his art is meant to...

 “provoke, that is, to trigger a reaction in the spectator 
only to ‘invite’ him, beckoning him in 
and whispering in his ear ‘come over and talk to me, 
I want to tell you about the stupidity, violence, beauty,  
love, hatred, seriousness and fun, the logic 
and senselessness that pervade our day-to-day lives’ ”.

Robert Combas mural
4, rue des Haudriettes
75003, Paris


Alain said...

Cela fait un peu "femme objet', non ?

Revrunner said...

Not sure I'd want to wake up every morning looking at that. :-)

sawdustagain said...

I love the building murals in Paris. They surprise me and excite me when I turn a corner and voilà.

Birdman said...

Walking by though, it would grab the eye.

William Kendall said...

That is certainly very peculiar!

RedPat said...

I love it, Genie!

Danar O said...

Sorry... my first thought was: "What a big eyes got that smiling lioness! ...or it is about Pink Panter? LOL"
(LOL = Laugh out loud)
In serious talking, I agree with Mr. Combas: woman lights up the man's life. . From the very very beginning, giving birth to a child... to the very end, when in funeral of her husband, she serves "a light" -a light beer-, to his friends.
And sometimes it happens as with eyes: they give us the light along the whole life, but... they're too close to see them.
I support the general message of this artist, but, about his "figuration libre" stile, when looking at his other paintings, I try to learn, that It's easy to nourish with attention the thing one fights too much. I hope Mr Combas doesn't cross the line between his critical art of minimalist art and to become one of the society's excesses that he is criticising.
Genie I'm serious when I thank you for this HIGH LEVEL photograph, it's charm reaches the clouds. I also like this mural. Wherever you are, have the happy weekend that I'd like to have at 4, rue des Haudriettes, Paris.

Jack said...

I read the artist statement, Genie. I think his real objective is to paint voluptuous naked women with lampshades on their heads. To each his own . . .

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Thank you all for your comments. This would not be my art style, but I respect the art form. Regarding a view of this from my apartment window, I would get weary of this same view.

It has been here for almost 15 years so it has been more sustainable than many Paris art installations. Jack, you made me laugh out loud - "the emperor has no clothes" indeed!


Alexa said...

Not quite my style either, but it certainly has staying power. (As I recall, we were on our way to commune with les chats, n'est-ce pas?)

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

You have a great memory, Alexa! What fun were les chats!