Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Des sapins de Noël

Christmas trees

The first time I saw trees bundled like this on the streets of Paris, 
I first thought of mummies.  
These are quite tall and grand 
when you consider the size of many Paris apartments.  

Can you imagine toting one of these 
over your shoulder through the Paris Métro?

Passage du Grand Cerf
Rue Saint Denis
75002, Paris


William Kendall said...

I can imagine the ordeal that might turn into!

Joe said...

A mummified Christmas Tree on the Paris Metro. Now there's something I would like to see.

Halcyon said...

When I lived in Paris, I found most people got those mini-trees. It always seemed funny to live in a grand place in Paris and then have a Charlie Brown tree. But I loved it!

Birdman said...

No, I can't but I bet it's possible. I would smile if I saw it.

Alexa said...

When I saw these, I thought of those caterpillars that weave a web around an entire tree. As for the metro, best not to try it at rush hour!

Betty Carlson said...

Lol. We used to buy our Christmas trees like that, but were always disappointed in them. They seemed to never unfold correctly - and why would they after being cooped up like that? We finally got a fake one, and just replaced that one -- it lasted over 10 years -- with an upmarket fake one that is really beautiful. That way we can keep it up for, say, two months!

Revrunner said...

This is the latest I've gone without getting a tree. Hmm . . . I wonder if I could make that small pass as carry on. :-)

Arianna Marangonzin said...

Beautiful post! Funny question on the likely transport of these Christmas trees!

Randy said...

With a friend it might not be too bad.

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

They are a bit like Charlie Brown's tree but when you consider how heavy even the smallest are, I can understand "petite." In the 12ième we have seen them being carried on the street, presumably a short distance. Nevermind the Métro, if your apartment does not have a lift, you will be carrying the French Charlie Brown up many, many stairs!

Alexa, now those would be some busy caterpillars - how funny!

When you see the trees grouped together like this, it reminds me of a crowd of people (mummies?)


Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Nice to see you, Arianna!