Friday, December 19, 2014

Qu'est ce que c'est?!

What is this?
Can you guess?

It is a reflection, inverted (180°),
an ornate ceiling, with a mirror 
and a chandelier....

It is the elegant dining room of
Le Grand Vefour at Palais Royal.

Taking a photo of the mirror on the ceiling  (from outside)
is the closest I have ever been.

Tant pis pour moi

Le Grand Vefour
Palais Royal
75001, Paris


William Kendall said...

Marvelous mood in the shot!

Joe said...

After reading your explanation I tried to turn it all around the right way in my head. I think I need a drink. :-).

Revrunner said...

You did well, Genie, to get inside. :-)

James said...

Very cool shot! I took a couple of night shots from outside but I doubt they will be any good. I also seriously doubt that I'll every go inside, way too expensive for me. :-)

Danar O said...

(With all my respect to him and to you; about "Tant pis pour moi"...) Hahahaha...!! "That's my Genie!!" Is saying your dad, completely full of proud.
And I join his celebration saying "Well said, Genie, who has the humor sense, has the power!".
I really enjoy watching this photo, that isn't as documentary as some others, but more interpretative. I would suggest "Mind is a mirage" as its title. All in it, seems be symbols in dreams of the viewer, including the whole Le Grand Vefour, as a subconscient mystery, BEYOND of image in the mirror.
Thank you Miss Genie, I'm sure this image will last more than Le Grand Vefour itself. And I don't care how elegant it could be; I'm very very sure... it's too low for what you deserve... Tant pis pour vous!
Best wishes for you and your blog friends. d(:D)

Randy said...

Nice reflection.