Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Le Perchoir - mes amis

Le Perchoir
(the rooftop bar)

There were only three of us that evening, 
plus the family of one of the workers, two or three others.
We enjoyed a sunset and drinks, 
chatted with these two who were pouring the beverages, 
a wonderful evening in this magical place.

When I returned to Le Perchoir a few months ago,
 there were hundreds of people in the space, 
most of whom were twenty-somethings.  
It had lost a bit of the mystique but still worth it for the view.

To see what it looked like last November, click here

Le Perchoir
14, rue Crespin du Gast
75011, Paris


Betty Carlson said...

This looks like a very cool place. I have bookmarked it for further reference.

Joe said...

Finding it when it was quiet with the all of Paris carpeted beneath must have been magical Genie.

sawdustagain said...

Nice business cards.

Revrunner said...

That would be an ID check here in the U.S. to see if you were really old enough to drink. :-)

William Kendall said...

You've captured their personalities well!

Alexa said...

And yet among all those hundreds of twenty-somethings we managed to make some new friends. :~}

Danar O said...

(Dear Santa Claus please get me a hair like that, a hat like that, but leave my today age). About Alexas comment, I'd say, that the lucky ones are they: they met you ladies! As I see, they are in Paris.... and Beyond...

[[About your yesterday comment on my question]] Thank you very much, now I'm sure, it's not the equipment, but it's your quality. Your simpleness and humility to say "very, very much", are flashes of your greatness -please don't lose them-. And don't think my words are free... the acts of your words speak with no words. No mention the thousands of words in each one of your artworks. Thanks again, for being you, for being there.
Please Dame, accept to imagine I'm touching the floor just in front of your feet, as a tribute to the kind of person you are. Keep photographing and inspiring, please. God bless you and each one in your blog's community.

Randy said...

Nice shot of a selfie.

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Great eye for detail to those who noticed my business cards. These guys were fun and funny and kept us entertained.

Alexa was right. The mood in September was as different as night and day, but no loss of fun and people to meet. We laughed and swapped stories with the native Parisians, and they did a wonderful job of making us feel as young as they were.

Joe, I imagine that you and J found a similar scene a few months ago. They had put up glass around the outside roof perimeter. I presume to keep the "active" crowd from falling over.

Betty, do put this one on your list as you will not encounter many/any tourists, a few expats perhaps, but that is quite different, n'est-ce pas?


Peter Olson said...

Yes, it has become very much “en vogue”. So, we were some of the first… However, I would not go today, cold and misty.

Jack said...

Genie, you are such a trendsetter. The first time you go there, hardly anyone. When the word got out that Genie has frequented this bar, the hordes flooded in!