Thursday, December 18, 2014

Ma Bourgogne - la terrasse en hiver

Ma Bourgogne
the terrace in winter

In the frigid temperatures of December,
this is how you enjoy the terrace at Ma Bourgogne

The heaters are quite toasty 
and the regular waiters greet you with a smile.

Ma Bourgogne
Place des Vosges (northwest corner)
19, place des Vosges
75004, Paris


William Kendall said...

Even in the cold, quite appealing!

Joe said...

It still manages to be cheery in the depths of Winter Genie.

martinealison said...

Bonjour ma chère Génie,

Une autre très jolie photo... J'aime ces terrasses parisiennes.
Vendredi dernier à Lyon nous bénéficiions de bonnes températures et beaucoup d'entre nous prenions des collations dehors en terrasse même sans chauffage !

Je te souhaite de très joyeuses fêtes à toi et à tous ceux que tu aimes...
Avec plein de gros bisous ❄︎ ♡ ❄︎ ☃ ❄︎ ♡ ❄︎

Danar O said...

Genie, for me this photo is a warm hug. Out there is frigid. And in terrace you find two chairs -the left arm that hugs you-, saying to you "Come, rest here. I support you". The crystal door is a transparent chest that shows the good and warm feelings. And ask you: "Want to be warmed by coffee or want to warm a glass of wine in your hands?". The right arm that hugs you is stronger and does several functions. It says: "My roof protects against weather, I remember you to take Christmas in you and I'll give you the light and heat of sun, although it doesn't shine now". You see? Impossible not to stay in terrace of Ma Bourgogne.
A bunch of thanks Genie, for giving us a warm hug today!. Stay sheltered, hm?

Revrunner said...

I give him loads of credit. I'd be inside, nearest the fireplace, if there was one. :-)

M said...

Sometimes those heaters are much too warm! I would love to brave the cold and enjoy some Parisian people watching from this terrace!

JudyMac said...

One of the lovelier spots in Paris to dine. I thought their crepes quite tasty and my waiter was delightful.

Alexa said...

One of my very favorite terraces. The red chairs fit right in with the holiday décor!

Randy said...

Looks like a nice place.

Jack said...

Those red chairs are perfect in the Christmas season. Nice.

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

How could I have failed to notice the red chairs! This place is a great meeting spot, no matter the weather. If you go, be sure to make a visit to the toilettes upstairs. The sink is very special.


Clarity said...

(Clarity Artists: Robert and Su.Sane Hake)
Lovely scene, wish we were there!

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Always welcoming .. ! They are special.