Friday, December 5, 2014

Des reflets pendant la nuit

Night Reflections

Walking in the empty streets, parapluie (umbrella) in hand, 
long velvet coat, warm gloves,
and holding a single red rose...

...a gift from an unknown young man

yes, she is definitely a French girl

Rue de la Paix
75001, Paris


Danar O said...

The text would say:
"Danar No. 5.
Paris total... Lent et grave ...The passion of red in a french rose.

The music could be... Erik Satie: Gymnopédie No. 3

(Sorry, Channel... Now there is something better. Sincerly, d(:-D)anar).

Revrunner said...

This reminds me of the woman I saw yesterday going grocery shopping in a full-length mink (fake/real?) coat. It was cold, I guess. :-)

Danar O said...

Another peaceful Satie -to wish you all a peaceful day-, a little more longer, with Paris paintings. (Could be for a Chanel No.5 and velvet, too).
Erik Satie ~ Once Upon A Time In Paris (Redux)

William Kendall said...

A thoughtful shot!

Alexa said...

Yes, she is—an an especially lovely one!

Birdman said...

But where, where do you find empty streets in Paris? I can't find them here.

Jack said...

And potentially a rather hot young French woman. Love that red hair!