Thursday, March 5, 2015

Rue Raynouard - Passy

Just above the wall-lined street you can see
this wonderful collection of windows, roofs, balconies,
and chimneys all washed in the glow of a winter afternoon's sunliight.

The architecture and textures
have interesting details.

Rue Raynouard
75016, Paris


OJ said...

Lovely photo - timeless and as crisp as a cloudless winter's day in Paris!

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Wow an amazing array of chimneys and roof tops ..never tire of these views.

Alain said...

Une bien curieuse cheminée. Au premier plan, les batiments ressemblent un peu à un couvent.

William Kendall said...

Quite an eclectic series of homes- and beautiful in that light!

Alexa said...

Wonderful details—that make up a beautiful composition. And that light!

Paris Rendez-vous and Beyond said...

Oh, I remember these types of scenes from the 16th arrondissement. What a wonderful eye you clearly must do a lot of 'slow walking and looking' when you visit Paris Genie. We lived in the 16th for a few months in 2012. Parisian architecture is just soooo beautiful isn't it Genie? Wonderful shot (again)!




Lois said...

That is so pretty! Perfect timing for the light.

Randy said...

I agree the light is great.

Danar O said...

Are those pieces on a giant chess board? I almost listen to a pigeon singing in the late afternoon or early in the morning. Loved the high arch balancing the rough texture at right. For me it's interesting imagine the thoughts and feelings, beyond of the window above of roof solar panel. Thank you Genie, this one is a whole plan of warm soup, baguette and cheese, a while in a good book, a photo magazine, and a warm bed... till the next adventure called "tomorrow"! Beautiful, peaceful picture!

Jack said...

Nice details, Genie.