Monday, March 23, 2015

Les fleurs de Paris

You may wonder about all of the shrubs and blooming plants in Paris.  
The parks and public gardens are filled to the brim, 
but one would think that there are not many private gardens 
in central Paris.

All you have to do is to look to the balconies 
and take a peek inside the almost-closed door courtyards.  

Now what would you put on your Paris balcony?

rue Cler florist
75007, Paris


Ann said...

sO BEAutiful.
Truly Spring is in the air.

Joe said...

Can't beat the red geraniums Genie.

sawdustagain said...

As a child, I grew fond of my mother's geraniums. Seeing Paris' geraniums intensified that feeling. This year I managed to grow my own geraniums from last year's seeds. La vie est belle.

Jane Jazz said...

Almost-closed-doors into secret, flower-filled courtyards are so enticing! I agree with Joe - it's hard to beat red geraniums (or pelargoniums as they'd like us to call them!).

Kate said...

What a grand and colorful display!

William Kendall said...

Quite lovely! I know from experience that I'd just end up killing anything plant related that wasn't a cactus.

Jeanie said...

Red geraniums and I rather like those purple ones, too! Gorgeous photo!

Randy said...

I would have to go for the Geraniums too.

Alexa said...

What is it about red geraniums? That's my answer too. :~}