Monday, March 9, 2015

Les portes de Palais Royal

The Gates of Palais Royal

These gold spears on the gates 
must receive a coat of paint each year
as they always look as if they are solid gold

Oh, they do close and lock the gates each
evening so do not fall asleep on one of the benches or
you may be forced to spend the night

Jardin du Palais Royal
75001, Paris


c'est Jeff ici said...

Genie, you keep bringing me back to Palais Royal. We walked through there one night. I was surprised that it was open, most Paris parks close at dusk. There was a full moon that night and aside from a couple sitting on a bench kissing we were the only other people there. It was a beautiful experience.

Alexa said...

Don't know if the Palais Royal is my absolute fave place in Paris—but it's up there! Love your eye for its beautiful details.

William Kendall said...

Impressive detail!

Randy said...

Nice finials.

Danar O said...

Thank you Genie, for teaching me to see...