Friday, March 20, 2015

Le Jour du Macaron, ici et là

(chez Holly)

Today is the 10th anniversary of Le Jour du Macaron, started by Pierre Hermé.
In the early years it was a bit like a scavenger hunt all over Paris, and at each stop (famous Paris pâtisseries) you could collect three macarons and they would stamp your "macaron map."  At the end of the day if you had a map with all of the stamps, you then received a treasure chest of 36 macarons from Pierre Hermé!  In exchange you were asked for a small charitable donation.

It was so successful that after a few years, the bonus at the end of the day was halted.  Can you imagine how many Parisiens and tourists chased all over the city collecting macarons!  Now, Jour du Macaron is celebrated in many cities and countries around the world.

My daughter Holly and I have been making them (amid much scientific study and experimentation) for years now.  Our favorites to make: pistache with chocolate ganache filling, pecan with caramel au beurre salé, rosemary with lemon curd.  A good Swiss buttercream cut with Nutella will be great in any of these. 

(in Paris)

bon weekend

"ici" et "là"
là - Spécialités Artisanales
Biscuiterie de Montmartre
16, rue Norvins
75018, Paris


Debs said...

Here and there - I'd eat them anywhere!

Danar O said...

Help! They pursue me because they want to bite my tongue! If I get caught, I'll have to do a tramp with my teeth;(only for self-defense!). My ears are kept telling me "miam-miam, miam-miam, miam-miam".
That's a delightful story. Thank you very much Genie, your picture of yesterday is also awesome!

s.c said...

Looks really good. Yum Yum

Jeanie said...

Sigh. Your photos are so beautiful! And how I would love this event! I am getting itchy to embark on my second macaron-making day, hopefully with my friend Kate (the first was last year). It was such fun. I'm interested in new flavor combos and fillings so thanks!

William Kendall said...

They look entirely too scrumptious!

Alexa said...
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Alexa said...

What I was trying to say is that yours look every bit as good as the ones from Montmartre. In a word: miam!

RedPat said...

I bought them here in Toronto today and we got a free one for saying we were celebrating International Macaroon Day! ;-))

Randy said...

Those look really tasty.

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

RedPat, I had read about Toronto's Jour du Macaron and I am glad that you sampled some!!

Jeanie, for the rosemary, use only about 1/8 tsp chopped finely along with the main recipe of ground almond flour. I grind my own. The lemon curd is a perfect complement.

Alexa, you are so close to the NYC Laduree so have one for me (Caramel, svp)


Birdman said...

I always pick scrumptious days to check in on you. mmmmmmmmm

Valerie said...

Mmmm . ...... I am salivating at your choice of home-made macaron flavours! Thank you for sharing.

beatrice De said...

Ils sont aussi un peu partout en Suisse.