Friday, November 7, 2014

Village Saint Paul

Village Saint Paul

Café chairs, an artist's display easel, 
bicycles, and a lamp.

I am at a loss to place the man 
and just where he was standing in this photo of reflections.

bon weekend

Village Saint Paul
75004, Paris


M said...

A little something for everyone ... Love the chairs. This makes me think of chocolat chaud -- I wonder why? ;). Such good memories ...

Paris Soul said...

Good morning,

Thank you for helping start each and every day for me. Love what your photos capture of Paris.

Regarding the "reflection" of what appears to be a man. Upon close examination, to me, the man appears to be inside the building. Also, to the left of the man's head, there seems to be the outline of someone else's head, perhaps in conversation. The giveaway as to the person's location inside the building is that all of the reflections from outside appears against his image, therefore he must be on the other side of the glass.

Bonne journee,


Alexa said...

Well, I was going to say "un fantôme" until I read Charlie's clearheaded comment. Either way, your photo brings back nice memories of this place.

James said...

I like the reflections and the ghostly figure. Who am I kidding I like it all. :-)

Coincidentally my most recent Something Sighted photo was taken in le 4ème.

William Kendall said...

Charlie does make sense on this one.

Libby said...

Village Saint-Paul: one of my most favorite haunts in Paris! There's a lovely restaurant right there…name escapes me…that we've been to several times.

Danar O said...

I enjoy this photograph as form of writing "Paris" using no letters.
Starts with directional reddish light beside diffuse bluish light... París, the

city of lights. The picture is a harmonious set of great contrasts of warm and cold colors; straight lines and circles; a cozy exterior and welcoming interior; horizontal, vertical and oblicuos planes; the polished texture of glass and the rough one of stone in floor, etc. Many objects, that symbolizes each one, a museum or a street market in the city... And in the center of all, in a very aesthetic balance, the presence and greatness of the spirit of human being.
Yes...for me this one is a beautiful abstraction-reflection work of art by itself; both, in substance and form.
Neither there are letters to say a big enough "thanks". Keep going Genie!

Randy said...

Love the chairs!

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Charlie, you are right! The figure is juxtaposed among the reflections and light. Thanks for solving the "case of the fantôme" and for leaving a comment.

Libby, is the restaurant Cru or perhaps Enoteca?

Alexa, it does bring back good memories and great weather for walking through the Marais (again)!

James, although I do not always link to your reflection meme, I almost always post a reflection on Fridays.

Danar,your comments warm the photographer's heart. Thanks for helping me appreciate all that my camera captures.

M, I failed to enjoy some of that divine chocolat chaude on my recent trip, but remember how we savored every drop of that rich chocolate.