Saturday, November 29, 2014

Quai de Bourbon - l'automne

Quai de Bourbon

Looking towards Pont Louis-Philippe from Pont Marie, 
the quai and the riverside walk are almost deserted.  
Golden leaves will soon be swept from frail branches into the Seine.  
Within a month, this will be a monochrome palette, 
save the red doors and a few window boxes.

Paris will take on her winter beauty

Quai de Bourbon
75004, Paris


Revrunner said...

Looks like it could easily be the scene for a movie.

Betty C. said...

I can really see the autumn to winter transition going on before my eyes here in Aveyron too. Lovely photo.

William Kendall said...

Quite a lovely view. My eyes get drawn to that staircase.

Danar O said...

Is the white bench waiting for an old man, for a tired lady and her dog, for a sunbeam, for a grandma and her small grandson playing to find fish , for a ship, for a painter, for a full moon, for the first snowflake, the last autumn leaf floating on the Seine, for a couple of lovers?
If it'd be waiting for me, which one history I'd tell her?
Meanwhile, loving her from here...

Blessings and thanks Genie for this my window. d(:-D)

Jack said...

But, like most of Paris, it will be achingly beautiful in every one of those seasonal changes.

Randy said...

Looks like a beautiful place for a walk.

Gunn said...

I really LOVE this.
So simple and so pretty!