Monday, November 17, 2014

Place Michel Debré

Dressed for the autumn weather with its scattered showers, 
this woman braved the streets with a confident gait.  
She was in chestnut brown from head to toe, 
save the locks of red under her hat.

Must be a French Girl

Place Michel Debré
75006, Paris


s.c said...

Très chic I would say. Nice one.

Revrunner said...

Well equipped for a day full of whatever.

Birdman said...

... and a bit shrouded in mystery.

Alain said...

Aristide Bruant serait-il l'inventeur de la valise à roulettes ?

William Kendall said...

Very French!

James said...

This is a wonderfully mysterious picture!

Maybe it's of the hat and coat or maybe it's because I can't see her face or that it's in Black and white.

No, it's because all of the above.

Alexa said...

She must be a tall French girl—I can't imagine someone our size pulling off such a coat, can you?

Randy said...

Nice b&w shot.

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Alain, je crois que non!

Alexa, no, we would look like we were wearing some grownup's clothes!

James, she even had the gait of mystery with the coat flying behind her. I could barely keep up snapping away!

Merci à tout,