Thursday, November 27, 2014

Le Métro - après minuit

The Métro
(after midnight)

Truly, the deep interior of the Métro looks the same day or night, 
but in the very late hours before closing the sounds are amplified.

The clicking of heels, 
the laughter of party-people, 
and often an eerie silence
in the curved halls 
that snake from platform to platform.

Paris Métro after midnight
75008, Paris


Joe said...

I was amazed how extensive the network of tunnels was. Incredible.

Birdman said...

Like that photo; love your words.

Revrunner said...

Eerie for sure.

Betty C. said...

Wonderful post. I have quite the fascination with metro stations, but have never thought as much about the tunnels between them.

William Kendall said...

It reminds me of a network of tunnels below downtown Toronto.

Debs said...

Eerie but kind of cool too :)

Danar O said...

I'm enjoying very much both, the image and the story. First one put me on the spot and the second one make me live the experience of sensations (silence, clicking, laughters) and emotions (maybe a beat of loneliness, the smile for party-people and the awareness for strangers).
Love the image: A lot of movement! I see two running trains there, the windows of left , go fast, and the right ones come slowly to platform, where there are people waiting.
In fact I almost see the blurring of the windows, feel the wind and hear the rubber wheels. The amazonian driver is straightly looking at me.
I think the light tubes in that position are dangerous, although they lit well the posters and the corridor. Black and white make me feel a little of nostalgy.
I adore the softness of curve lines.

Thank you very much Genie, it is a pleasure TO BE in Paris IN your lens!
(Pleeease, be sure to be in safety while photographing at that hours, yep? Please...)
Didn't you find any Epic Underground Ping Pong Battle?

Randy said...

Marvelous b&w shot!

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Betty, like you I concentrated for so long on the stations, but the mazes are confounding. It was only recently that I discovered Métro Cité is under the Seine and not under the Ile de Cité at all. Hummm, can you hold your breath?

Mr Bird, merci beaucoup

Danar, oh I am very careful, bien sûr! Oh, and I loved the "underground ping-pong" what fun!!


Alexa said...

Just try to avoid Invalides, right?

Jack said...

You are out after midnight riding the metro? Be careful, sweet Genie.