Friday, November 28, 2014

E. Dehillerin - le coq

E. Dehillerin

The copper and brass rooster (le coq
dominates the front window of E. Dehillerin. 
Perhaps he is reflecting on the last of the autumn leaves of Paris.

If you enjoy cooking and cooking implements 
stop in here and also at Mora and G. Detou nearby.

bon weekend

18-20, rue Coquillière
75001, Paris


William Kendall said...

That's quite a sculpture!

Revrunner said...

This shop definitely would be worth a visit.

Alexa said...

I'll come here when I have a Paris kitchen to equip ( and you'll help me, won't you?). :-)

PerthDailyPhoto said...

J'adore M. Le Coq, he is magnificent :) I can just imagine how much Aimee would love to visit this shop Genie, she loves cooking with a passion... and to think I used to worry that she would starve when she moved into her own home :)

Danar O said...

I wonder how many autumns it has seen come and go... Just thinking in making it with my own hands, I feel like to give a big applause to the artist... the head... the tail feathers... are astonishing!.
The Picture is a delicious dish called Paris...
Thank you Genie for sharing your love for photography.

(I love to invent lasagnas... like the pop-corn lasagna, with tons of tomato!
I'd like to invite a bite to you all... "Miam-miam" would say Miss Genie! )

Randy said...

Another nice reflection.