Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Veteran's Day - Beyond

Veteran's Day
Changing of the Guard
Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
Arlington Cemetery

As you know I rarely go "Beyond" but today is Veteran's Day, and it seemed appropriate to share a story.  About a year ago I was fortunate to be selected as a Guardian for an Honor Flight.  We accompanied over 100 World War II Veterans to see the war memorials in Washington, D.C.  The men and women who were in their teens when they went to the Pacific or to Europe to fight in the war are now in their late eighties and nineties.  What an experience to talk to these former soldiers and to hear their stories.  My dad died just five weeks before we were to have gone together on this momentous journey.   

You can see in the reflection of the Guard's glasses the bright yellow shirts of our Veterans.

(for Daddy)

Arlington Cemetery
Washington, D.C.


Danar O said...


Beyond of silence, the conscience,
Beyond forms, the presence,
Beyond life, existence,
Beyond the joys, happiness.

Beyond strength, energy.
Beyond of what is pure, innocence.
Beyond light, transparency.
Beyond death, goes free the esence.

Beyond of beyond, at all, in the distant,
where the flame is pulled away from the wood,
to glint, by itself, in the figure of an infinite.
And beyond the infinite, the dream of an instant.


It is a fact, he is such a Dad so proud of you !
God bless him and your too.

Birdman said...

I have not been since the WW2 Memorial has opened in DC, but it's on my list to do. Been to Arlington. Been to the Unknowns. Truly AMAZING sight to see it happen.

sawdustagain said...

You are just as good showing us "Beyond" as you show us Paris. Keep up the good work.

RedPat said...

Good post, Genie.

Alexa said...

A very good place to go for "beyond." So fitting—and an excellent shot and story.

Rob-bear said...

A good picture and a good thought for an important day.

Blessing and Bear hugs, Genie!

William Kendall said...

A good portrait shot, particularly for today.

Revrunner said...

Yep, my father's remains are there in Arlington.

Randy said...

Nice close up.

Clitherow said...

Eternal rest grant unto him Oh Lord, and perpetual light shine upon him. May Our Lady of Sorrows comfort you, Genie.

Jack said...

The experience of accompanying the aged veterans on their visit to Washington must have been memorable, even without (and maybe in part because it WAS without) your dad being present.

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Many thanks for your kind comments today.


Jeanie said...

I'm so very glad you went beyond today. I have a dear friend who is a regular Honor Flight guardian and says it is the finest experience of his life, outside of his own family. I think what you do is terrific and thanks for sharing it.

The photo is pretty terrific, too!