Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Ombre d'arbre

Mona Bismark American Center

The autumn sun softly outlines the leafless tree.  
The lady graciously demurs

Mona Bismark American Center
34, avenue de New York
75016, Paris


Revrunner said...

Sound like clues in a treasure hunt. :-)

William Kendall said...

Beautiful details in that carving. Your lines sound like something out of a Dan Brown novel.

Alexa said...

Someone should open those shutters and enjoy that beautiful autumn light!

Joe said...

The Autumn light in Paris is so soft and kind to the camera Genie.

Danar O said...

I see some grapes on the head. Could it be a young Bacchus suffering a "light" hangover?
I can't end to enjoy the ironwork (I could use it as moustache!). The two blues are in very nice equilibrium.
For me this photo deserves to be the cover of a classical music magazine.

I vote Alexa for president!
Someone should open that shutters and give thanks to be alive!!

(...ooooor could it be the spirits are having a cocktail party..?)

Randy said...

Beautiful building and shadows.