Sunday, November 18, 2012

Église Saint Germain des Prés en novembre

Église Saint Germain des Prés
The Porch Tower

This 6th century church has seen more than its share of unrest, wars, and destruction.  It was originally the keystone of an important abbey complex founded by King Childebert in the 540s.  He created the Abbaye Saint-Croix-Saint-Vincent (as it was called then) to house two important relics he had brought back from an expedition in Spain.  By the mid-eighth century the abbey had taken on the local saint's name (Germain), with the suffix "des prés" indicating that it was out in the meadows beyond the city limits.  

Although nothing remains of the early 6th century church, this heavily-buttressed porch-tower was built around 1000.  The centuries of architecture and stories could keep a researcher busy for years.

bon dimanche

Église Saint Germain des Prés
3, place Saint Germain des Prés
75006, Paris


Sylvia K said...

Incredible history and a beautiful structure!! Thanks for the information, it makes the photo even more fascinating! Hope your weekend is going well, Genie!! Enjoy!


Duncan D. Horne - the Kuantan blogger said...

Lovely photo genie. I bet that church has a lot of stories to tell!
Have a great Sunday..

Vreni said...

Did you take this picture last year when we were at the church together?

Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

So much history in France, As you say everything can take hours of research..... Bonne journee, Diane x

JudyMac said...

I noticed, from my visit to Saint Germain des Pres in October, that the church seems to be much in need of funds for restoration. Would be nice if visitors could drop a few Euros in the box designated for the restoration fund. It's very beautiful inside, but somewhat dark and gloomy. As the oldest church in Paris, it seems very worthy of any help it can get.

Forest Dream Weaver said...

Lovely colours,the stone appears to have been cleaned quite recently.......I've never heard of King Childebert before!

Bon dimanche Genie,

Shirley said...

What a beautiful photo! I love that you took the photo through the branches of a nearby tree, the stately architecture softened by the curve of the branches. Lovely!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Hello there Genie! SO GOOD TO SEE YOU TODAY!!! Oh how I love this church, and this region of France. Well, I love ALL of France for that matter!

I tried to get good photos yesterday at the art gallery of the tutu. They did not come out very good!!!! I do have one that I can send you and you can decide if you want to use it. I will try today or this week to get some pictures in the light.


Jack said...

I wonder how they knew to situate that old church in such a chic location.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...


I just sent you three photos of the tutu but they email bounced back to me; email me when you and I will see if I can attached the photos to YOUR message! Anita

Erika said...

Tu as bien pris cette photo. Je l'ai visitée, cette église.
Je te souhaite une belle nouvelle semaine.

Randy said...

Beautiful shot.

Halcyon said...

It's beautiful with all those tree branches. :)

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Ruby, neither had I until I started researching this church last year.

JudyMac, you are right and when I was last there, it still needs much help. I am hopeful, and the fact that there is so much history here may ensure its restoration.

Erika, you know then how much there is to see in the areas surrounding the church. The interior is quite dark.

Jack, bien sûr, with Deux Magots just across the street!

Vreni, YES! It was that whirlwind of a fun day spent with a friend, elbowing our way to the windows of Printemps and GL! You will have to take the photos for me this year. Tu me manqueras.

Anita, I am sending you an email...


Joe said...

Love the composition in this one Genie. The view of this imposing structure through the almost bare branches provides great impact.

Bibi said...

This is the first church in Paris that captured my heart.

M said...

Ahhhh ... Wonderful memories of walking daily by this ancient house of worship!

Harriet said...

Beautiful composition!