Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Combien de cheminées?

How many chimneys?

...too many to count!

Seen from the rooftop of Printemps

64, boulevard Haussmann
75009, Paris

My blog "disappeared" for two days and my email was "gone" as well - 
Don't forget to back up your blog!  


  1. Je plains le père noël ! Il va devoir embaucher !...
    J'ai toujours été fascinée enfant par les cheminées et les ramoneurs avec leur visage noirci de suie!
    Belle photo.
    Gros bisous

  2. Tes photos sont toujours très intéressantes et j'aime ta perception de Paris!
    Belle prise de vue!

  3. Quand vous n'avez pas le chauffage central, il y a beaucoup des cheminées. C'est simple, je pense.

    A la prochaine.

    (Goodness, Genie; three responses in a row en français. Is there something strange in our water?)

  4. This is an amazing photo in general and all the more because on Sunday I've scheduled a similar one...but with bridges!

    I know that you disappeared for a while and wrote you an email, which I see you now did not get! Can you write me an email and tell me how to back up my blog? I looked on Blogger, but am not quite sure I've seen the right place.

  5. So many chimneys and not a chimney sweep in sight.

  6. Hello Genie:
    Just imagine the pollution of the past. Does not bear thinking about!

  7. Genie,there must be a child(or adult) somewhere who would relish the challenge. Looks like you perched on a chimney top to take this pigeon's eye view! In past times,I imagine the scene would have been viewed through a smoke screen.


  8. I just love them...Thank you, Genie...Are you still in Paris I wonder? I'm not sure how to back up my blog...

  9. Most of them are orange and the chimney's look like terracotta pots turned upside down. Very cool!!

  10. The sheer numbers of the chimneys of Paris have always fascinated me.

  11. Always loved the unique Parisian roof line!! Nice capture. I wonder how this would be in B&W.

  12. Ah...les toits de Paris! :-)

  13. J'adore les cheminées de Paris! I actually tried to count them but stopped at 300. :~}

  14. BTW, I also have no idea how to back up my blog.

  15. Wow, I would not want to clean those.

  16. Alexa, you are better than I am at counting!

    The view really takes you back about a century, minus the smog. This scene really has an abundance of chimneys.

    To back up your blog, go to Design, Settings, Other and look at "blog tools." You can click on "Export blog" which will save it on your hard drive under "downloads" as a .xml file. You should also save your Template which is easily found. If you have any problems, send me an email.


  17. Love the muted tones with just the terra cotta pop of color!!! Un, deux, trois ...

  18. that happened to my other blog last time too and got me worried for days,
    tnx for the save tip though,
    i've been blogging for years, but for the love of me, don't know how to save my files. ^0^

    ps: chimneys are too many to mention. nice pov.

  19. what a great Paris shot !! love it
    so familiar

  20. Love! And it would be impossible to count. But i'll enjoy trying!

  21. Such a wonderful Paris scenario Genie, my other fav is from in front of the Sacre Coeur !


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