Monday, August 4, 2014

Un café avec des amies

Coffee with friends

When I think about un café avec mes amies 
this is my wistful vision

terrace, coffee, sunshine, friends, and laughter

(oh, and do not forget the chic shoes, too!)

Avenue Paul Doumer
75016, Paris


Joe said...

I hope this vision becomes a reality for you again soon Genie.

M said...

I am ready for some coffee ( and chic shoes)! Great candid capture!

Paulita said...

What a beautiful setting for coffee with friends.

Alexa said...

These women are so fortunate! Cardigan-and-scarf weather is just what I'm hoping for, for next time. (Too bad I have no chic shoes.)

William Kendall said...

A lovely slice of life shot, Genie!