Saturday, August 16, 2014

Le Royal Monceau - Voulez-vous avoir un peu de thé?

Le Royal Monceau

We met friends for tea and macarons at this elegant hotel, 
lounging in the butter-soft leather furniture.  

We watched people, took in the surroundings, 
sipped our tea, and snapped a few photos.
bien sûr

Le Royal Monceau
37, avenue Hoche
75008, Paris 


Elizabeth Eiffel said...

A fabulous place for a touch of elegance and people watching.
Bon weekend Genie.

Little Nan said...

Looks beautiful....I did something very similar! Have a lovely weekend x

M said...

Mais oui, merci!

William Kendall said...

Tea and macarons sound delightful right about now!

DeniseinVA said...

I enjoy stopping by your blog. I discovered it just before a trip to Paris in July. It is lovely to see all these places. I hope to go back again for a lengthier stay next time.

Alexa said...

Aaah. I was wondering where to have tea while the Ritz is closed. :~}

Anonymous said...

beautiful! if I may say, though, vouloir is not followed by DE with a verb. so it should be: voulez-vous avoir un peu de thé? to be grammatically correct. but in French we would actually say more commonly: woulez-vous prendre du thé? or: voulez-vous du thé? thanks

Randy said...

Nice shot, makes me want some tea.

Jack said...

A sophisticated place for tea and conversation and stolen glances at the beautiful people.

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

As I looked again at this photo, it reminded me what a wonderful experience to absorb the splendor of a very nice hotel, one which would surely be out of my price range. If you make a trip to a distant city, try an experience like this. Tea or coffee is just as memorable as an aperitif.

Jack, how do you know that they were not stealing glances at us?

Words and Peace, thank you very much. I appreciate the correction and continue to strive for accuracy. Merci beaucoup.

Denise, I hope that you found some ideas before your trip in July. I have not made a July visit in several years but may make it next year.

Thank you all for your comments. My blogging has been limited for the past months.