Monday, August 11, 2014

Place du Palais Royal - un pet't jardin?

Place du Palais Royal
A small garden?

Just opposite Café Le Nemours, we discovered these little gardens, 
raised beds, with flowers and vegetables.

Tented booths selling regional products (truffles, cheese, etc) 
as well as fine crafts such as jewelry and pottery completed the scene.

Place du Palais Royal
75001, Paris


Joe said...

Sunshine, greenery and flowers. Oh send me some of that warmth Genie.

Libby said...

Genie: What day of the week were they selling? I am assuming it's not every day? Would love to check it out.
I'm going to England later this month and it is killing me that I won't even set foot in France!!! tant pis, non? Well, hopefully sometime this winter.....

William Kendall said...

It looks like a good place to grow things.

Alexa said...

And colorful pinwheels too—how charming!