Sunday, February 20, 2011

Église Saint-Roch -- The long walk

The first sight each morning from our apartment windows was this grand church, Église Saint-Roch. I have featured Saint-Roch before with photos and interesting facts here, here, and here.

bon dimanche

Église Saint-Roch
Rue St. Roch et Rue St-Honoré

A talented and dear artist, Carol Schiff, has again honored one of my photos with her beautiful oil interpretation. These are the French sailors I featured on my very first post (July 14, 2010) and you can see the original here. But look at what Carol has created!



Bravo Genie, pour la magnifique photo de St Roch, car les lignes fuyantes des chaises rendent la perspective formidable. Un très beau cliché.
Bon dimanche!

Dianne said...

Beautiful church Genie! ~ I can imagine a bride walking down the aisle with her long train spilling out behind - some-thing like Maria in "Sound of Music"

M said...

What a beautiful view of the nave of this magnificent church. You lead us right down the aisle! I am anticipating seeing this for myself. Wonderful Sunday shot!

biebkriebels said...

What a lovely idea sombody uses your photo's for artist impressions.

Virginia said...

What a great angle. I'll have to share this post with one of our ministers who sang at this church and who has been so thrilled to see our photos.

Love Carol's interpretation of your great photograph!!!!

Miss Sadie said...

Ah Genie; Église Saint-Roch, encore une fois. Maintenant, l'intérieur. C'est mervielleux! La composition est parfaite. Je me sens comme j'ai raison là.

Bon dimanche aussi.

Alexa said...

I thought the same as Dianne when I first saw this. I imagine you had to genuflect to get this perfect perspective! Love what Carol does with your wonderful photos.

Malyss said...

A very impressive way!
I LOVE the sailors! i have so many sailors in my family, and have seen young men so much dressed that way!Do you kow that touching their red "pompon" brings luck?!:)

Randy said...

As always a wonderful photo. I love that each person has their own chair. They look a little more comfortable. That painting it amazing, what an honor.

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Richard -- Merci, et vu sous cet angle il semble que les chaises étendissent à l'infini.

Dianne -- Oh, do I have a treat for you... an American couple, married at St Roch and reception at Hôtel de Crillon (Place de la Concorde)... oh my!

Marie -- You will love it!

biebkriebels -- Her art is lovely and I am glad that my art form inspires her creativity

Virginia -- Merci, ma chère... We will have to hear a concert or go to a service here

Miss Sadie -- Merci, and I will take you here again as there is much to see

Alexa -- Yes, both of us were on the ground (me and the tripod)... Merci, Carol amazed me with this one

Malyss -- I did not know that about the red pompom and good luck... Wish I had known as who knows when I will ever have that chance again... le sigh

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Randy -- When I first saw the churches of Paris I was surprised that there were chairs for the most part rather than benches, but the chairs are certainly more versatile as they can easily be rearranged... Glad that you like Carol's painting

Rob said...

Perfect point of view from a low angle! Really quite bright inside. Similarly as was St. Clothilde and so unlike Notre Dame.

Starman said...

I always thought it would be noisy in churches with these chairs, but after many concerts in various places, I can truly say they are no more noisy than benches.

Tammy@Beatrice Banks said...

That Carol is so talented! Beautiful!
The church is really grand and gorgeous. Love the view down the aisle. Made me feel as if I were stepping right inside!

EG Wow said...

This is a beautiful shot. The aisle leads my eyes to the magnificent interior.

Jillian said...

Your blog is wonderful! My hubby and I honeymooned in Paris so I love the photos.

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and also for leaving such a sweet comment.

Bella Rosa Antiques

Jack said...

It is a lovely and impressive sanctuary. Include me among those surprised to see individual chairs instead of pews/benches.

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Rob -- As you know a photographer has to get into some unusual positions to "get the shot"! Merci

Starman -- Depending on the age and condition, the wicker bottomed chairs have a bit of a squeek when you sit down, which is not bad unless you knock over your tripod at the same time - hah!

Tammy -- Put this one on your bucket list, my dear... I know that Carol appreciates the comments, too.

EG -- The aisle does look like it goes on forever... I have trouble getting enough light in the churches but this one worked well

Jillian -- What a lucky couple and I hope that you will get back for an anniversary some day...

Jack -- Merci, and glad to hear that I am not the only one... Have a good week, my friend

Bibi said...

A bride's view (okay, a SHORT bride's view!) of this splendid church's aisle.

Love the painting!

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Bibi -- Hah! I imagine this intimidating view is how many feel... Merci, mon amie!

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TheChieftess said...

Lovely and serene!

James said...

Great shot! I love the perspective of looking down the aisle with all those chairs. I also like the reflection.

Carol is an amazing artist!

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

James -- Thank you and I agree about Carol's talent... merci

My Carolina Kitchen said...

What a beautiful painting of the French sailors. Carol is indeed quite talented.

We happened to be in France during the election. It was so different from the states. They are not allowed to put up signs or billboards until (I think) two weeks before the election. Not like months as in the states. It was also interesting to hear the locals discuss the different candidates. Our gardener's family was very divided on who would win.