Saturday, April 18, 2015

Marché aux Fleurs

Marché aux Fleurs

Flowers or herbs,
gardening tools and baskets,
trees and ornamentals.

On Sundays it becomes a flower and 
a bird market (le Marché aux Oiseaux)
You may also find rabbits and designer chickens!

Place Louis-Lépine
75004, Paris


Randy said...

So lovely.

Kate said...

Outdoor markets are good for the body and soul!

Jeanie said...

One of my favorite spots -- must be on the front end of dazzling or at least getting that way. Lovely photo!

William Kendall said...

A lovely colour in this case.

Revrunner said...

Reminds me that I want to go get a bit of rosemary to plant. . . Must remember to do that. :-)

Alexa said...

That's just what I need—a designer chicken. Seriously, I love this place—and they manage to have flowers in all seasons.

beatrice De said...

That through when I go to Paris, I run the exhibitions forgotten the other interesting matters. Have to think about next time.
PS. You can wright comments in english on my blog if it is easy for you.