Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Jardinières avec des fleurs rouges

Window boxes 

On the second floor of this building in the Marais
the bleeding heart flowers and masses of red blooms
first caught my eye.

The giant thermometer which could be read 
from the street was a fascination.

46, rue de Poitou
75003, Paris


sawdustagain said...

My mind is transported to Paris whenever I spot a geranium. Merci pour les petits vacances.

Harriet said...

That thermometer was quite the find! Looking up pays off yet again!

Alexa said...

What came first, the flowers or the thermometer? Either way—great find!

Revrunner said...

Cool! Well, actually, mild, wouldn't you say? :-)

William Kendall said...

The flowers match the colour of the thermometer in just the right way.

Randy said...

Love the flowers.

Jack said...

Red and black. Nicely designed by the owners.