Sunday, April 26, 2015

Église Saint Pierre - Chartres

Église Saint Pierre

Saint-Pierre Church in Chartres is not as well known 
as the Cathedral of our Lady of Chartres,
 but this 13th Century church is a Gothic masterpiece 
with some windows surviving from the 14th Century.

bon dimanche

Église Saint Pierre
rue Pétion
28000, Chartres


Joe said...

I agree Genie. It is a masterpiece. Have a great Sunday.

Revrunner said...

Can you just imagine the work that is involved in preserving windows of that age?

William Kendall said...

A beautiful sanctuary!

Jean Berryessa said...

Amazing, I love the beautiful windows.

Randy said...

So lovely.

Jack said...

It is lovely, Genie. As well as unfathomable that in the 13th century builders could construct something so high and airy without the knowledge of engineering that developed centuries later.