Saturday, May 11, 2013

Marché de Saint-Denis

Marché de Saint-Denis

The Saint-Denis Market is located just a few moments 
outside of Paris and is one of the largest in the greater Paris.  
Few tourists make a stop here, 
but it is rich with international flavors, lively and bustling.

It was closed on the day that five of us visited the Basilique Saint-Denis, 
but I am thinking that it would be worth another trip 
to the end of Métro Line 13 for the colorful market.

Marché de Saint-Denis
92 Bis Rue Gabriel Péri, 
93200 Saint-Denis


Cezar and Léia said...

Adorable facade, the clock is beautiful and I like b&w for this picture!

Starman said...

Any market in France (or Europe) is worth the trip!

Paulita said...

That's just what I was thinking -- what Starman said.
If you're interested, my novel is free for Kindle today on Amazon. Here's the link: The Summer of France

Jeanie said...

that's good to know. Those are the places that make your visit "real," and not just a tourist gig.

And thank you, my friend, for your very kind Marmelade Gypsy comments. It's a bit of a struggle these days, but I am a fighter and am determined to make it work. Your support and words mean a great deal.

Palomasea said...

Oh, I hope you get to go, dear Genie!
The joys of a French market...
Have a splendid Mother's Day, chere amie!
- Irina

This is Belgium said...

hi Genie
you show us the real Paris!
never been to the end of line 13.

Alexa said...

Another one for the "next time" list. Merci, Genie!

Genie Robinson said...

Love the name being carved into he top of the building. Lovely old structure. the other genie