Sunday, May 5, 2013

Église Notre-Dame-des-Champs - l'orgue

Église Notre-Dame-des-Champs

The organ is Cavaillé-Coll from 1877, 
and on this dreary, rainy day Yannick Merlin 
was rehearsing for a concert.

If you want to have a sample of the sounds and a video of the church, 
follow this link

bon dimanche

Église Notre-Dame-des-Champs
92 bis, Boulevard du Montparnasse
75006, Paris


Shirley said...

The architecture in these cathedrals is amazing! Thanks for sharing.

Alain said...

Amours, délices et orgues...les trois mots Français qui sont masculins au singulier et féminins au pluriel...cela doit certainement avoir une signification profonde.

M said...

Love the organs, and the churches they inhabit!

Grammy Goodwill said...

Thank you for sharing that link. I enjoyed the music and the beautiful pictures.

Alexa said...

You can tell from the link that this organ fills every corner of the church with music. Must be incredible to hear in person!

Ann said...

Such an amazing place.
Even from the pic
it looks enchanting.

Mary said...


Starman said...

Bon Dimanche !

Randy said...

Beautiful church.