Sunday, May 26, 2013

Église Sainte-Chapelle

Église Sainte-Chapelle

The devout King Louis IX founded the Gothic Sainte-Chapelle 
as a chapel for the royal palace and to house sacred relics.  
It is reported that he spent three times 
the cost of the chapel's construction 
for the "Crown of Thorns."

Built in 1246, it also provided easy underground access 
to the royal palace.  Almost all of the precious relics 
were lost or destroyed during the French Revolution.

bon dimanche

4, boulevard du Palais
75001, Paris


Starman said...

Bon dimanche!

Joe said...

It would not have been easy to create a Crown of Thorns from Stone. Much admiration for the stone masons of old.

Jeanie said...

My favorite church in Paris. Lovely.

Daryl said...

bon jour, bon dimanche cher genie... i mistakenly added a link to virg's blog . je suis désolé.. instead of here to yours but i fixed it after mary pointed it out ... xox

NYCStylelittleCannoli said...

What a great photo Found you via the "amazing" Daryl Now following your blog and looking forward to new posts!!

Alexa said...

There is no other chapel that can compare to this—inside or out! Bon dimanche --

M said...

I absolutely agree with Alexa ... There is just something about this beautiful chapel that captures you at first sight and never lets you go!

Randy said...

Amazing details.

Louise said...

One of my favourite places in Paris, thanks for the extra history.

TheChieftess said...


Mary said...

What a magnificent church. And what a shame the relics were destroyed.