Thursday, October 18, 2012

Rue Crémieux - la maison verte

Rue Crémieux

A street with "happy houses" all in a row,
colored with a box of crayons, each in a different color.

This one is fronted with plants even in the fall...
and one very large wisteria that should never need pruning

21, Rue Crémieux
75012, Paris


Vreni said...

This is one of my favourite houses in Rue Crémieux!

黄清华 Wong Ching Wah said...

That Apple green places a comfortable feel about the building !

Joe said...

The owner of this house has an eye for colour as do you Genie.

martinealison said...

Une jolie maisonnette... presque naïve !
Plus de problème d'arrosage !
Gros bisous

Shell Sherree said...

We seem to be heading for drought again here, so painted plants could be the go! {This reminds me of the colour of your favourite macaron flavour, Genie.}

Laure said...

Cette maison est superbe !!! J'ai longtemps habité le 12 éme, j'y suis née d'ailleurs :-))
BIZ Laure

M said...

Beautiful trompe l'oeil! Such a clever idea --- I bet there would be some kind of deed restriction here to prevent me from painting that on the outside of my house.

Cezar and Léia said...

What a cute facade, and it's adorable in green! I like the bikes!

Sylvia K said...

How delightful and how different! I love it! Another great capture for the day, Genie!!


Alexa said...

This would be a great house anywhere—that it's in Paris is just the icing on the gateau!

Erika said...

Ce trompe l'oeil me plait beaucoup. Bonne nuit!

Loree said...

I love it. It looks like a gigantic mint sweet.

Virginia said...

I love this street. I think the wisteria has been added since I saw it but I"m not sure we walked all the way down. Snap !

Cheri said...

Love this!

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

This would be such a perfect street on which to live, and the evidence of children with bicycles would confirm that. Plus, I happen to know that there are at least three cats who live on that street, not counting the tromp l'oeil cat jumping between windows!

Thank you for your comments. I'll take you back here again.


Starman said...

The door looks so small.

Mary said...

Wow! The color scheme is delicious. And i love the wisteria. So clever. And yet more windows to love. Never ending lovely windows in Paris, it seems. :)

Peter Olson said...

... and I never walked along Rue Crémieux, something I have to do soonest!

AL said...

Perfect gardening!