Monday, December 19, 2011

Galeries Lafayette - Noël 2009 vs Noël 2011

The grand dome sheltered the 66-foot tree in a traditional decor in 2009.  The boxes were re-wrapped for a different color scheme in 2010.  The giant red Christmas balls of 2008 were stunning.  The "rock'n mode" for 2011 is quite different as seen in my post last week.

Let's hope that we just "rock away" from this year's theme when the season is over.  The poster for Galleries Lafayette seen in the Métro stations just sums it up.

Galeries Lafayette
Boulevard Haussmann
75009 Paris


Sylvia K said...

I do agree with you! Maybe you can just "rock away" from this one when the season is over. The poster does say it all, doesn't it! Love your photos though, as always! Hope your week is off to a great start, Genie! Enjoy! And have a very Happy, Merry Christmas!


Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

I agree Genie - not a theme to remember for me either.

I've just cought up on lots of your posts!!!

Merci mon amie
for transporting me back to Paris in Winter mode - lovely!

Joyeux Noel
Christmas hugs

Leon and Sue Sims said...

Genie - you've stolen my thunder - I'm posting about Galeries Lafayette next Wednesday on "Wednesday's in France".
Although we don't leave a comment that often, we always pop in for a read. Your posts bring back so many memories of our trips to Paris. Thank you and best wishes for the festive season.
Leon and Sue

Bienvenue chez French Girl in Seattle... said...

Congrats Genie: You are one of my Giveaway winners! Contact me please!

Ricardo Miñana said...

Christmas is endearing,
Very beautiful pictures,
they reach your home the peace and happiness these days indicated.
Happy Holidays!.
a hug.

The Cloth Shed said...

I agree...The Rock and Roll mode is certainly not as festive.
I was there in 2010 when the boxes were gold and the dome looked stunning. Wonder what they will do next year?
Julie x

Bibi said...
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Bibi said...

Super shot of the dome!!

Have you seen "Love Actually"? If so, remember Billy Mack's Christmas is All Around?

brattcat said...

love that perspective, genie.

Louise said...

2009 was so much better!

Malyss said...

I agree, Iggy Pop and rock'nroll do not match with Xmas spirit!

Erika said...

Chère Genie je te souhaite un Joyeux Noel.

James said...

I like Iggy but there's a place for everything. I still wish I went to Paris this season. :)

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree with you more! Somehow it just does not fit the festive season of Christmas.

Don't you wonder who thought of this?

M said...

I just have a one-word comment about Noel Rock'n Mode --- NON!!! It doesn't do a thing for me! And, it most certainly does NOT inspire me to shop!

Jack said...

Looks like they are stretching for a different demographic this year. Maybe they figure they already have the more mature and well-heeled demographic sewn up and can take them for granted. My suspicion is that your reaction is common, they will see the error of their ways, and return to a more traditional approach next year. The only way to be sure is for you to go back!

Rob-bear said...

Whatever. I'm looking for a relaxed Christmas this year.
I hope you have a wonderful time, even if you're not in France.

martinealison said...

De quoi perdre la tête...!
Gros bisous

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

James, I just barely was there and missed many of the just-revealed windows. By the time I get there in January it will be gone.

Jack, thank you again for helping me justify my trips - hah!

To all, if I am not mistaken, the creator/artist of this theme is from NYC. Hummmmm....

Thank you for your comments!


Joe said...

A very creative shot Genie. I like this one very much.

Lapin Agile said...

You just can't beat Galeries Lafayette - Christmas time or anytime!

Randy said...

I would not want to have the job of hanging these up.

Stan said...

As always, a fine image! I'm wondering how B&W would workwith the dome--- Happy Holidays!!!

Anonymous said...

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