Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pâtisserie Dalloyau -- Bubble Pêche

When I first started this blog I mentioned the "pastry hunt" that my daughter Holly and I devised in which we would try at least 5 new pâtisseries on each trip. In April, chère amie Marie and I met that challenge, all in the name of scientific research, bien sûr!

At Dalloyau in the Marais, we sat down for un café, several macarons, and a l'Opera for which they are famous... Should I say that it was our 4th (yes, 4th) pâtisserie of the day and it was only 10:30am? Much more to come but I thought you would enjoy this sumptuous little item in the window. Miam-miam!

5, boulevard Beaumarchais


uhooi said...

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Starman said...

I'm getting hungry.

Shelley Smart said...

How wonderfully artistic! And yummy, no doubt!

megi said...

Dear Genie,
very fine image!!!Thank you!!!
I am not hungry!!!
I waited an eternity for " Quantum of Solace ". The Solace do not come.

Dianne said...

Perfection!! - I always stumble over the name but I'm sure I wouldn't stumble over the eating. xx

Chez Loulou said...

It looks so perfect...was it as good as it looks?

Malyss said...

Some cakes are so beautyful that it's a pity to eat them!

Joe said...

Now this is my type of research.

Viennese Girl Vreni said...

Maybe I will do some "pastry hunt" in July. The "bubble pêche" also caught my eye as you can see here:

Cezar and Léia said...

I agree with Malyss!Very interesting comment!

brattcat said...

Oh, I want to spend my mornings with you!

YONKS said...

OMG - That's a work of art!
My mouth is watering.

M said...

Four? Really? But who's counting! The bubble pêche is gorgeous! I love the fact that You can see the sugar crystals on the edge as well as the clever and artistic design on the icing. Miam-miam, bien sur!

Anonymous said...

Does it come with matching pillows? Lovely pattern on top of whatever it is!

YONKS said...

OMG - That's a work of art - my mouth is watering!

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Now you sound like exactly my kind of woman Genie, I am a bit of a legend amongst my daughter Aimee's friends for my ability to eat rather a lot of cakes, good thing I do enough running around to work most (not all!) of it off again..
Best wishes

Virginia said...

As you know, I don't cave to the sweets too often and when I do it's usually a nice pain au chocolat, or creme brulée or now a Nutella crepe BUT this looks pretty tempting. I'd love to know about the top layer! Miam!!

24 euros? I hope that is not just a single piece!

Suzi said...

Bonjour Mon ami from beautiful Paris. Oh I think this is an excellent quest.
We have a gorgeous little patisserie here in the 6 th which I just dissevered today - I can guarantee I will be tasting it's wares. Today it was Laduree on the Champs elysee. I have never been and we went and sampled a few things ..mmm I will be back for more by the end of my trip.
I found repetto and I have a beautiful photo for you !
I will email details as the iPad will not let me upload :(. I will find a way around it x
Suzi in Paris

This is Belgium said...

Tasty photo

VenetiaMicio said...

Ohlala ! tu n'as pas été malade ?
Surtout si tôt le matin, je ne pourrais pas et pourtant je suis gourmande !!!
Bonne journée

Kristin said...

5 new patisseries on each trip - what a splendid idea!!! My husband and I also try to visit as many as possible! That's half the travel, isn't it? Niiice photo!

Xx Kristin

Anonymous said...

YUM! I'm dying to have some of that right now, and I don't even eat sugary sweets.

Alexa said...

Well, it's a tough job but someone has to do it! And it's absolutely the most delicious research project I can imagine (though it has occurred to me to taste and rate every flavor ice-cream Berthillon makes). Miam!

Jean said...


Vagabonde said...

We also went to many pastry shops – I usually get anything with chocolate – and there are always several types. I found the pastries creamier, not as sweet as in the US, don’t you think so? Many use alcohol (Rhum, Grand Marnier, Armagnac, etc.) in the cakes as flavoring and it makes a difference.

Harriet said...

Ah..the precision of those 'bubbles'...I like your kind of research!

Jack said...

It sure looks good, Genie. Four by 10:30 a.m.? I am a big guy, but I couldn't do it. You impress me.

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

uhooi -- Thank you and you have an informative computer blog

Starman -- It should not be long before you are there and can eat your fill of these tasty delights

Shelley -- The "Opera" is similar to this but with praline and chocolate... yummy!

megi -- I'll save you a piece for later, mon amie... merci!

Dianne -- Hah! Neither did we... merci, mon amie!

Loulou -- I am not sure about this one but the items we selected were delish!

Malyss -- Yes, I would have trouble cutting into this one

Joe -- Yes, all very scientific of course, hehehe

Vreni -- Amazing! It is good to see that the price has not increased since last year!

Léia -- We'll just close our eyes and slice it up - hah!

brattcat -- Alons-y, mon amie! Ready when you are!

Yonks -- Merci!

Marie -- Uhmmm... Perhaps you are right, thinking that was the same day as Place d'Aligre...

Liz -- Hahaha! Matching pillows? It does have a 60s Mod look doesn't it!

Grace -- I have difficulty in eating as many sweets as needed for the "research" but feel that it is a duty - hah!

Virginia -- I do not know how they do it so perfectly... This pastry is for 4 persons and they have others (see Vreni's link) for 8 people

Suzi -- How wonderful for you to pop in here while you are in fabulous Paris with perfect late spring weather! I cannot wait to hear of your adventures, mon amie!

anni -- I keep trying to lick the screen to get a little taste!

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Danielle -- C'est possible de gouter beaucoup de pâtisseries avec un verre d'eau et une tasse de café. Quand on partage avec une amie on mange moins

Kristin -- It is difficult to do but when you share it is not so much... lots of walking helps!

AA -- I'll save you some for later... I am usually happy with just a taste (except for the tarte caramel au beurre salé)

Alexa -- I think you should accept that challenge and let us know your favorites... I am betting that caramel would be one!

Jean -- Merci, moi aussi!

Vagabonde -- I agree with you... the pastries are not nearly as sweet as in the USA and there is a fine balance of flavors in the best pastries. I love the chocolate ones as well!

Harriet -- I am amazed by the artistry and perfection of the French pastries. The style is exact and precise with no room for error. There is no mistaking this for a "homemade cake" -- It makes me laugh to even say that!

Jack -- Ah, Marie reminded me above that this was #2 of three before lunch and on another day well.... I'm not telling everything just yet but will say that we did much better at hitting the pâtisseries than last June.

Randy said...

Looks good enough to eat.

Tammy@Beatrice Banks said...

I bet it tastes as good as it looks. If I were in Paris, I'd probably just live on pastries. Yummy!

Stan said...

Delicious shot -- in every sense of the word!! How do you and your daughter manage to stay so trim? lol

Elizabeth said...

Now that is my kind of treasure hunt!