Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Carrousel IX -- Place du Trocadéro

If you have been reading my blog you know that I love finding and photographing the carrousels. There are still many left to discover, but this double-decker is captivating with some unusual and artistic features. I know that Virginia's little Davis was fond of this plane so aptly named "Le Petit Prince"

Please note that this one is added to the "counterclockwise list"

Place du Trocadéro


megi said...

Dear Genie,
thanks for this grandiose photo!
The rose wants to be free.
The rose does not belong humans.

Joe said...

Must be something in the air for carousels at the moment. I never stopped to wonder if they go clockwise or counter clockwise. I am sure Le Petit Prince would give many a child a great ride regardless of its direction. If only it's propelor were intact.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

That's gorgeous Genie, I can just see my little 'great nephew' on that ride, he is just two and makes the best 'happy faces' ever. Is the carousel on the lower level of the Sacre Coeur still there, I wasn't sure if it was permanent.
Best wishes

Richard said...

Magnifique carrousel et très bien entretenu. Quelle magie pour les enfants! Comme je les envie de pouvoir voyager quelques minutes dans un autre monde!

Malyss said...

Antoine St Exupéry, who wrote "The petit prince", would be happy to see his plane used by children,on a carrousel. About the name , is there a difference with a "merry-go-round"?..

Pierre BOYER said...

Great !
I often see this caroussel in Trocadero...
Have a sweet day,


Cezar and Léia said...

I'm always enchanted by carousel, this picture is wonderful!

Gringo said...

How nice to be reminded of that lovely story by Antoine de Saint-Exupery which I read many years ago, and such a beautiful shot too Genie!

biebkriebels said...

This is a real beauty made for "le petit prince" indeed.

Andy said...

Nice shot Genie! I don't know why but the first thing that popped into my mind was the song "Springtime in Paris".

Forest Dream Weaver said...

A lovely piece of artwork and a beautiful photo Genie.This plane-ride must have been enjoyed by many little princes.... and princesses too!

Have a lovely day!

brattcat said...

If I was still small enough to fit on this carousel, my first choice would be to fly in the Little Prince's plane.

Tena Russ said...

Is this carousel on display permanently? It is beautiful. How interesting that it moves counterclockwise.

Anonymous said...

If I ever get back to Paris, I will put all the carrousels on my must see list! Can grown-ups ride, too?

Les rêves d'une boulangère (Brittany) said...

I am so excited to see " Le Petit Prince" on that carousel! I love that book! And it's a little airplane! How cute!

Another great carousel photo Genie. It's always a pleasure to look at these beautiful shots.

Kate said...

A post after my own heart; I, too, adore carrousels. For a real treat check the following link to see some that I have posted which are carved in a wonderful toy shop close to St. Paul:

Stan said...

I wonder what your little bicyclist would do if he saw this carousel--what a gut wrenching decision to make choosing between the two --lol. Sweet shot!

suzanneberry said...

what character the little prince has!! so beautifully built and cared for. carousels here don't hold a candle! just beautiful!

Sylvia K said...

Oh, I love carousels!! And what a delight this one is, Genie! Such a terrific capture! Makes me want to jump on and ride, not just watch the kids have fun! Hope your week is going well! Enjoy!


Virginia said...

And Davis had to go toe to toe with the little boy in front ! Monsieur took care of that! Love this little plane. Sweet memories.

JM said...

What a very cool plane! If I was a kid I knew where I wanted to be at. :-)

Thank you for your nice comment, Genie.

Rob said...

I don't believe I have ever seen a bi-plane on a carrousel, perfect clarity!

TheChieftess said...

I'll bet le petite garcon of Monday's post was racing to the carousel to get a seat on this plane!!!

starman1695 said...

I haven't ridden this one...yet.

Alexa said...

I always go for one of the horses, but in this case . . . this little red plane is definitely calling to the child in me. Merci for turning my dreary, rainy NYC workday around with this wonderful shot, Genie!

Loree said...

It's beautiful Trying to catch up with blog posts but my in'laws are visiting so my visits will be erratic for a while.

Jack said...

Very nice, Genie. The prince's plane is perfect. (And the Bushnell Park courroussel goes counter-clockwise, too . . . there is a carroussel museum somewhere near here that my camera and I need to visit . . . )

Dianne said...

This is a wonderful photo Genie - and it show how much love and detailing goes into the crafting of these beautiful carrousels. Delightful! xx

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

megi -- Merci, mon amie

Joe -- Yes, indeed! Now that I have brought the circular direction issue to your attention, you will have to share your discoveries with me... research! Loved your "polo pony"

Grace -- Yes, it is still there at Place Willette, Italian-built... most of these are permanent with a few "shuttered" in the winter. Merci!

Richard -- Les carrousels sont une part de patrimoine de Paris. C'est magnifique pour tout.

Malyss -- This book has been a favorite since I first read it and I read it to my children as well. Perhaps that is why Holly has such a love for French. Regarding the name, there is no difference. In the US there is a Merry-go-Round which is found in children's parks, a large disk that spins and has handles for holding on. I am surprised that the lawyers in our country have not rid us of them all - hah!

Pierre -- Ah! Tu as de la chance! Merci

Léia -- Me too... I love the carrousels in Paris and all of Europe.

Gringo -- It is a wonderful story. Merci, and safe travels, my friend

biebkriebels -- And surely there have been many princes who have taken a ride on this one!

Andy -- Do you think you could sing a few bars for me?

Ruby -- The wood is very rich and I am glad to see it in good condition (minus a propeller part) -- Merci!

brattcat -- I agree, but there are some other good choices on this carrousel too!

Tena -- Yes, it is. There are nearly 40 carrousels in Paris. The German patents for the mechanism which turns the carrousel were specific to the counter-clockwise rotation. English carrousels traditionally turn clockwise, and American patents were for clockwise carrousels as well. In Paris there is a mixture.

Liz -- Absolutely! I'll send you a list of my favorites

Brittany -- How appropriate that it is a plane... I was looking for the flower! I have more carrousels yet to show! Merci

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Kate -- Oh yes, I found that one when you posted and even left a comment... I can "smell" a carrousel photo from far away! Those were beautifully carved figures on yours.

Stan -- I think that he might want to ride the plane, soar high and then take off on his bike again! Merci

Suzanne -- There are some beautiful carrousels but not as many (go to Kate's blog to see an amazing one)

Sylvia -- You could definitely jump on this one and you could even ride on the top level as it is a double-decker... what fun!

Virginia -- I thought about Davis immediately

JM -- Hey! You only have to be a kid at heart! Merci, mon ami

Rob -- I have seen airplanes but never one as detailed and perfect as this (save the propeller)... merci!

Chieftess -- I bet that that little fellow has had many a turn on carrousels in Paris... zoom-zoom!

Starman -- Well, get a shot of that when you do, please!

Alexa -- I would usually go for a horse that moves up and down, but this plane is very special... merci, mon amie

Loree -- Unless Blogger drops us off into neverland again you can come back anytime and catch up... nice to see you and enjoy the time with your family!

Jack -- I am counting on you to get some photos... soon, if it will stop raining there! Thanks

Dianne -- I hope that these will be preserved but Parisians are very accustomed to them and may not realize what a treasure they have.

Randy said...

Now that looks like a fun ride!

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Randy -- You are a bit late and will have to wait your turn in line... just kidding. Allons-y!

Carol Schiff Studio said...

What little boy would not love to ride in it! A dream come true. Oops, just read Randy's comment. Apparently big boys want to ride too.

Jean said...

I love carrousels. Took pictures of a few when I was in France. We have a vintage carrousel here in Santa Cruz (on our boardwalk). Thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures.