Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Morning stroll

This scene almost escaped me before I could "aim and shoot" and it was not until later that I could definitely say "it's a girl!" -- Do you think that this is the baby's nanny or her grandmère? Although I have never strolled an infant through the streets of Paris, it does occur to me that it must be difficult to handle this Cadillac of a stroller. They weigh a ton and do not exactly turn on a dime. Can you imagine the three steps up to the door and then getting it to the next floor?

I'm off on an adventure with Nanette to find some castanets -- I will still be posting daily but with fewer comments until I return.


Bibi said...

I'll say it's la grand-mere. This baby carriage is a combination of classic and modern. When I lived in France, the bigger the wheels, the better quality...and chic. But definitely not 'pratique'!

Starman said...

I would guess nanny.

Virginia said...

I vote grandmère ( and I like her flats, I have some just like them!) I think that pink parapluie is just the most adorable thing I've seen yet. The plastic covering that they zip them up in always makes me think of the bags we get comforters etc. in with the warning" "Keep away from babies and children!"

On more than one occasion, I've helped mothers get the big heavy door open and assisted them to get the stroller over that panel at the bottom. IT's a two man job. Now the stairs? I can't even imagine what they do!

newlywed said...

I noticed her flats too!

Paula said...

I'm stuck by all the stylish accoutrements, especially the flats and the pink umbrella! The whole thing would take me half a day to pull off on my own so I vote for grandmère and several people on staff waiting anxiously back the l'appartement. It's a great shot, G.

Vagabonde said...

I think it is the “mémé” or as they say in the chic French talk, la “mamy” (the word grandmère makes it sound old.) Often you can leave the stroller downstairs of the apartment building. You have been busy while I was away. Google Reader said I had 30 posts to read, so I’ll get started. Thanks for coming to my blog while I was gone.

Vagabonde said...

Well I read and looked at all your past posts, chère amie. They are good and your pictures outstanding. When we were in Oslo I tried to take pictures of some of the people walking by, like girls with very interesting attire, but I never had the nerve to take their pics – you are courageous. I did notice that no one, and I mean no one in Norway wore baggy jeans or pans, and that is, both men and women, of any age and color – everything was skin tight. I did see one baggy jean, went close to him and heard him speak in English (from the states) also no shorts.

You do have some nice pictures inside churches. As 92% of the French, I don’t go to church, so I forget to go inside them to take pictures. I’ll try to remember next time. As I think of it in two weeks time I did not go inside a single church in Norway – I really should have tried, but I forgot. I heard Norwegians don’t go much either, but tourists do, just like they do in France, so I should have gone. It was so expensive there – Norway is reputed the most expensive country in Europe (hamburgers in restaurants were $25 and at Burger King a simple hamburger with nothing else $13 plus everything gets 25% tax added, a real cheap lunch at a cafeteria, just one plate $45 and once you added a drink, dessert and tax it was around $60 to $75) where was that baguette et camembert?

Average Girl said...

Hi! I stumbled across your blog and really loved it... Nicely put together.

I was looking at the baby's nanny or grandmere and I have to say that if I ever get to Paris like I wish, I will perhaps have to overhaul my wardrobe so I don't stick out like a sore thumb!

Lovely blog


Alexa said...

Wow—that is a pram and a half! I'll bet that child is decked out in bébé couture, a cashmere Onesie perhaps. Nice capture, Genie. I vote Grandmere too.

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

La mémé! I love it, Vagabonde! Thank you for updating my French vocabulary. So glad you are back as well and are visiting me while I am away.

Tracy -- Thanks for visiting and please come back. I am off to check out your blog!

Newlywed -- Nice to see you here as well!

Merci to all who dropped in and special thanks to you who commented while I was away.