Sunday, December 20, 2015

Église Saint-Étienne du Mont

Angels We Have Heard on High

Église Saint-Étienne du Mont may have more angels
than in any church I have seen in Paris. 

This choir of angels adorns the organ case built in 1633
by Jean Buron. It is perhaps the most magnificent in Paris
and is the oldest case which is preserved completely.

bon dimanche

Église Saint-Étienne du Mont
Place du Pantheon
75005, Paris


William Kendall said...

Beautiful pipes!

Joe said...

The sound from this must be phenomenal Genie.

Danar O said...

1633... Wow! Dramatic detail, I enjoy the shine of metal, because it makes to come out the greatness of the woodcraft. Sharp focus in low lighting. I agree with Joe, a concert in house of patron of Paris - Saint Genevieve-, must be impressive.

Alexa said...

Great detail of that beautiful church!