Sunday, December 6, 2015

Église Saint-Eustache

Église Saint-Eustache

Built between 1532 and 1632, Saint-Eustache is a marvel of 
French Gothic architecture with Renaissance and Classical details.

Although it seems dark in the "short days" of November and December,
 it is a photographer's delight to catch it on a sunny day with diffused light and shadows.

bon dimanche

Église Saint-Eustache
2, rue du Jour
75001, Paris


Danar O said...

In black and white it is very dramatic. And if it was the Normal lens (50 mm), and if white dots in small arches are persons, the height is astonishing!! Congratulations Genie, very well done again, it is possible to feel not just space in it, but the History.

Debs said...

I agree. This picture oozes history. :)

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Danar, the height is 33.45m high (nearly 110 feet) and it seems even higher as the length is relatively short (105m).

Debs, it is odd to think about the fact that it underwent restorations for the coronation of Napoleon in 1804.


William Kendall said...

Glorious, Genie!