Thursday, December 3, 2015

La Seine - Préfecture de Police

Patrolling the Seine

There was a police presence in all areas,
including the waters of the Seine.

This police boat was in a hurry

Préfecture de Police de Paris
On the Seine
75001, Paris


Andy said...

There is no mistaking she is in hurry. Nice capture of the motion.

Danar O said...

This is not a frequent image. I like the emotion of the motion. This is the only way to shoot police without risk... with a D7000 Camera!! Have a good day Genie and everyone.

William Kendall said...

An excellent action shot. We do see some police boats here on the Ottawa River- though the matter of jurisdiction can be an issue, since the river is also a border between two provinces.

Jack said...

That boat should be in a museum, not on the Seine.

Jeanmi said...

La limitation de vitesse sur la Seine n'est pas pour eux !...