Thursday, September 3, 2015

un artiste de Place du Tertre

Place du Tertre

Surrounded by the sights and sounds
of Montmartre

Sitting in a silent world 

Place du Tertre
75018, Paris


Joe said...
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Joe said...

Solitude amongst the many Genie. He seems lost in world of thought.

c'est Jeff ici said...

I remember one January night at Place de Tertre. It was just getting dark and the place was empty except for one lone artist hoping for a tourist to draw. It was odd seeing it like that, it is usually very active. I had dinner at Chez Eugene, I was the only customer for a while. A few locals wandered in as I was finishing up. The theme of your photo reminded me of that night.

Birdman said...

A lot of daily life is just 'taking it all in'.

Jeanie said...

You know, it's so touristy, and yet it's so darned fun to watch these guys paint! I have to admit that I can easily get suckered into watching and enjoying every second. Maybe not buying... but I love to see them at work! This is a very nice character study.

William Kendall said...

He does look quite lost in thought.

I see the Steve Finnell spammer hasn't done the world a favour yet and stopped breathing.

Lowell said...

What a wonderful photograph. Obviously, the man has done some fine work. I think he's meditating a bit, perhaps waiting a burst of inspiration!

Alexa said...

Nice capture, Genie! I remember this—there were lots of tourists, but not a lot of buyers apparently.

Danar O said...

Who said "The Mind is a place in itself"?
He seems to be thinking on a sketch. I hope he sold many paintings.
Great picture of being human.