Thursday, September 24, 2015

Artiste à l'oeuvre

an artist at work?

The Viaduc des Arts houses many 
artists ranging from design artists, textiles,
furniture-making, printmaking,
parapluies (umbrellas), musical instruments,
jewelry, porcelain, and more.

The studios have full glass fronts which 
allow the flâneur a clear view of the studios within.

Viaduc des Arts
1-129, avenue Daumesnil
75012, Paris


martinealison said...

Bonjour chère Génie,

Il ne doit pas être facile de travailler en se sentant observé !!... En revanche pour le passant cela peut être intéressant...

Belle photo.

Gros bisous ❀

(merci pour ton gentil petit mail !)

William Kendall said...

One wonders what she's up to!

Revrunner said...

Shh! Wouldn't want to disturb her. :-)

Alexa said...

I wonder if she has conflicting feelings about her studio—grateful for the awesome space . . . but maybe not loving the "fishbowl."

Danar O said...

Sure she is a nice person. Guessing she is designing, I can see the computer is the corner stone in almost any activity. Maybe she is uncomfortable with too much sun light on the screen. For me this picture is a heartbeat in the whole day by day Paris' life. Thank you Genie, pure essence.

Joe said...

How delightful that they have windows to watch an artist create Genie.

sawdustagain said...

I admire her hair color and posture.

Danar O said...

Hoping everything is ok, Genie, I pray for the wellness of you and yours.

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Merci beaucoup, Danar O.


Jack said...

This would be my kind of place. Flaneur or voyeur?