Friday, September 18, 2015

Port de l'Arsenal

Port de l'Arsenal

From certain Bastille Métro platforms 
you can see the boats moored in Port de l'Arsenal.

This warm September day reveals a business meeting
on the deck of a boat.  The three look as if
this is "business as usual."

bon week-end

Port de l'Arsenal
75004, Paris


Danar O said...

They appear to be common people, and are very fortunate of owning an office on the deck of a boat anchored in the Seine. Hope they never get used to it, in order to enjoy it each morning. They seems to be grandpa, son and grandson, sharing the future of a business -Why no coffee?-. Thank you Genie, great composition and great lighting with open shadows. d(:-D)

Revrunner said...

The one fellow looks a little frustrated.

Pierre BOYER said...

Ils semblent être en grande discussion d'affaire....
Bonne journée,


William Kendall said...

An unusual setting to talk shop!

Alexa said...

You're taking me right back—merci!