Sunday, September 13, 2015

Église Saint-Roch

The candles in this side chapel 
of Église Saint Roch
may not capture your attention
but I wonder about the image
of a young woman crying that appears 
in the upper right corner.

a ghost or my imagination?

bon dimanche

Église Saint Roch
296, rue Saint Honoré
75001, Paris


Revrunner said...

She's probably feeling a little "fenced in". :-)

Danar O said...

Yes Génie, I think it is more Monseigneur Saint Roch, himself praying to heal a laying infected, than his old mother praying before to receive her only son. Nothing to be scared or to be worried. If I was you, it would be an invaluable gift, because beyond the form, the presence to say: "I protect you and yours", in this case for you and us through the D7000. In fact, I suggest in your next trip to take one little stone (1/2") from Mobile to the same side chapel in Saint Roch. To be left with a little paper saying "Thanks Saint-Roch". I mean it, maybe you start a new tradition to teach some people to believe, when they look at lots of little stones from the world wide, meaning one "Thanks" each one.
Thank you Genie for photographing sometimes with humor, sometimes with Love and as this time, with mystery... It's kind of teaching us to enjoy the world and life. Blessings of Saint Roch for you(rs).

William Kendall said...

Is there glass at the fenceline? It does look odd. I like the black and white for the shot.

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