Sunday, June 28, 2015

Saint-Denys du Saint Sacrement

Saint-Denys du Saint Sacrement

Etienne Hippolyte Godde was selected in 1823
 as the architect of this church in the Marais.  
The style is reflective of the time but the paintings of the Restoration Period 
are of particular interest.  
The most prestigious is the "Deposition of the Cross" 
by Eugene Delacroix.

If you enjoy the work of Delacroix, you could go on a hunt 
around Paris to see how many you could find in the Paris churches.

bon dimanche

Saint-Denys du Saint Sacrement
68, rue de Turenne
75003, Paris


Randy said...

Beautiful church.

Jack said...

The façade is pretty severe.

Alexa said...

Maybe I'll do that. (I found 12 Caravaggios on a trip to Italy once, and most of them were in churches).

William Kendall said...

An impressive church.