Monday, June 29, 2015

la petite

This precious child 
was with her older (not by much) brothers
and grandmother to see the Niki de Saint Phalle exhibit
at the Grand Palais

...a good time was had by all

Niki de Saint Phalle exhibit
Grand Palais-Galeries Nationales
75008, Paris


Joe said...

Beautiful Genie.

Alexa said...

Those kids were adorable—and so well-behaved (and interested in the exhibit!). Nice portrait, Genie.

William Kendall said...

So cute!

Danar O said...

She is a real angel. Her arm and hand are divinely beautiful. I think she's using her arm as a magic wand, to guessing her height. Surely She is french, just to see the harmony between her black band and her black shoes...
What most impress me, is the contrast between the dull solidness of heavy walls and the very beautiful power of the childhood!!
T-h-a-n-k y-o-u v-e-r-y M-U-C-H, Genie. I wish God keep blessing your inner child!!

Randy said...

Sweet shot.

Jack said...

I really like the way you placed her near the edge of the image. It might not have occurred to me.