Saturday, June 20, 2015

Fête de la Musique - le solstice d'été

Fête de la Musique
June 21

Celebrating the summer solstice in Paris is an experience beyond
imagination with every street corner, church, bar, park,
and even the pedestrian bridges filled with music and musicians of all genres.

Le Pré aux Clercs was just on our corner
and the perfect way to sit on the terrace and watch the sun set...
at 11:00pm

Make plans for tomorrow...
wherever you may be.

Le Pré aux Clercs
30, rue Bonaparte
75006, Paris


Revrunner said...

Like the patina on that sax. :-)

William Kendall said...

I like the drummer's concentrated look.

Jean Berryessa said...

Love the photo.

Alexa said...

Would love to be there for this!