Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Qu'est-ce que c'est? Une mouche? Un cafard?

What is it?
a roach? a fly?

Something quite interesting 
has captured the attention of these three young girls.

The vests are worn so that the teachers 
can identify them when they are ready to leave the park

Parc de Monceau
Boulevard de Courcelles
75008, Paris


Joe said...

Scientists in the making Genie.

Alain said...

Petit souliers à boucles, dufflecoat et peut-être même Napapijri...très classe !

Andy said...

Nice shot Genie. Is it too early for the ants to be out?

Revrunner said...

My first thought was that they were public officials inspecting the sidewalk. :-)

Aimeecakes said...

Adorable. Clearly something fascinating is going on!

Roseann said...

I always love seeing little school children walking in a row, holding hands and wearings their little green vests.

William Kendall said...

It makes sense to do that with kids that young.

Alexa said...

For some reason, I usually associate bugs with boys—but good for these (chic even in neon vests; they must be French) little entomologists in training. Nice capture, Genie!

Randy said...

Cute shot.

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Napapijri, oui très classé! (Fondé près de Mont Blanc). Merci, Alain. As-tu un dufflecoat de Napapijri?

Joe, cute little botanists, indeed.

Andy, I really have not seen many/any ants in Paris, but surely they have an abundance of bugs with such delicious choices of food.

Revrunner, too funny, and they do look almost like official inspectors.

Aimee, I was sad when it was time for them to leave. Children are children all over the world.

Roseann, I caught a photo a few years ago of a class walking "two by two" through the Jardin du Palais Royal... so cute!

William, I do not know if they dress children in city schools (in the US) like that where they are in urban areas.

Alexa, wish you had been there with me with your magic zoom lens. We could have seen the little bugs up close!

Merci, Randy.