Friday, February 20, 2015

Hermès - la vitrine


The two windows of  Hermès'
rue de Sèvres shop was filled with an array
of crystal glasses with a backdrop of translucent silk.

The jewel-toned colors of the silk 
blown into action by an oscillating fan
created a colorful motion in the mirrored reflection.

bon week-end

17, rue de Sèvres
75006, Paris


beatrice De said...

Hello !
I never been so keen of Hermès windows. But I don't live in Paris, and I didn't see them very often. I found them overcrowd, and I do not feel them, chic !
But by now, I am publishing my windows. As I am * en fin de carrière * it is time to give forwoth my decorations. Some, of course doesn't exists anymore.

Joe said...

Oh wow! What a wonderful aray of colour and shapes. The perfect way to start the weekend.

Revrunner said...


sawdustagain said...

I love colored glass!

Jeanie said...

An absolutely spectacular photo!

William Kendall said...

Beautiful colours in the glass, Genie!

RedPat said...

So lovely!

Alexa said...

Could be mistaken for Venice too. Such a gorgeous display!

Randy said...

Wonderful colors.

Harriet said...

Love the colors!

Jack said...

Wow! This is an eye-popping find, Genie. I am so jealous!